Jerry Wen

Senior Vice President

Mr. Wen has a background in CFD formation and administration. Since joining DTA in 1999, Mr. Wen has been involved in all aspects of CFD formation and implementation, including boundary map preparation, special tax and cash flow analyses, overlapping debt analyses, and rates and methods of apportionment of special tax. Mr. Wen has also been responsible for numerous due diligence assignments including the review and analysis of existing CFDs, preparation of property owner disclosure documentation, and evaluation of bond financing feasibility. Mr. Wen is actively involved in the administration of several CFDs and is familiar with the preparation of annual budgets, continuing disclosure reports and CDIAC yearly fiscal status reports, bond indenture compliance analysis, delinquent special tax monitoring and follow up, and parcel change, subdivision and development research.

Prior to joining DTA, Mr. Wen worked as a research intern at House Ear Institute where he conducted physiological research on Mënière’s disease and created a computerized 3-D reconstruction of endolymphatic sacs plagued by Mënière’s disease. In 1998, Mr. Wen received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Cornell University. In 2008, Mr. Wen earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Mr. Wen has attained his Series 50 licensing as a registered Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.

Phone: 800-969-4DTA
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