Public Finance Construction Management

DTA staff has more than 35 years of experience managing public works construction projects

throughout California, including major roadway projects, such as the construction of State Route 41 in Fresno County and State Route 71 in San Bernardino County. Led by Steve Runk, DTA's Vice President of Engineering Services, our staff can assist public and private sector clients in the management of public works construction projects being funded through a public financing district or bond program.

In performing this function, DTA generally undertakes the following tasks:

  • Review all pertinent project documents,

    including Funding and Acquisition Agreements, project plans and specifications, subcontractor contracts and change orders, reimbursement requests, and project status reports.

  • Attend job site progress meetings

    with other construction managers, contractors, and public inspectors to discuss progress payments, construction schedules, subcontractor bid analyses, claims resolutions, and change order requests.

  • Review and approve reimbursement requests

    and instruct the trustee or public agency to disperse the approved amounts. This requires certification by DTA of the completion of the work and review and approval of all submittals, including change orders, subcontracts, proof of payment, and lien releases.

  • Request closeout of all appropriate accounts

    and prepare all files for the archives at the point at which improvements are substantially complete.

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