Project Feasibility Studies

DTA staff has performed numerous financial feasibility studies

for property owners and public agencies covering residential, commercial/industrial, and mixed-use projects.

These studies have included the following:

  • Preparation of pro forma and dynamic cash flow models for land development and investment;
  • Linkage of pro forma analyses to the evaluation of public financing opportunities; and
  • Coordination of development scheduling, including project planning, processing, and construction.

DTA has determined financial feasibility using multiple financial indicators,

including after-tax internal rates of return, net present values, and, for sale/lease decisions, cash-on-cash ratios. Feasibility determinations have been further scrutinized for sensitivity to changes in construction costs, lease rates, equity shares, and other economic and financial assumptions.

Feasibility evaluations are facilitated by DTA staff's extensive

experience with project management and the development entitlement process, including environmental, infrastructure, and business planning requirements. DTA staff is also knowledgeable about financing and ownership/partnership options and marketing and planning opportunities and constraints.

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