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County of Kauai, Kukui`ula, HI

DTA recently assisted the County of Kauai, Hawaii, with the December 2019 issuance of $20,320,000 in bonds for CFD No. 2008-1, which encompasses the resort community of Kukui`ula. Notably, CFD No. 2008-1 is the only CFD in Hawaii to sell bonds to date. Previously, DTA assisted the County with the formation of CFD No. 2008-1 and issuance of the...

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Polo Ridge Public Improvement District

DTA recently assisted the City of Mesquite, Texas, in closing two bond issuances related to the Polo Ridge Public Improvement District (“PID”) No. 2. DTA’s strategic consulting services are uniquely positioned to help multiphase projects such as this one stay on...

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Welcome to DTA! Yes, the second quarter of 2019 is starting with exciting news at David Taussig & Associates. As many of you already know, DTA has grown from our humble beginnings in Orange County, California, in 1985 to engagements throughout...

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