Kelly Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Wright has a background in financial analyses and CFD/AD formation and administration. Since joining DTA in 2003, Ms. Wright has been involved in all aspects of the formation and implementation of CFDs and ADs throughout California. Her work has involved the preparation of tax spread proforma analyses and overlapping debt analyses for the formation and sale of bonds for over 50 special districts established throughout the State. Additionally, Ms. Wright has worked closely with senior staff at DTA on its work as the Assessment Engineer and Administrator for the California Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (“SCIP”) and has also contributed to DTA’s efforts in implementing CFD financing within the State of Washington.

Ms. Wright is actively involved in the administration of numerous special districts in California and familiar with the preparation of annual budgets, the annual levying of special taxes, the preparation of Continuing Disclosure Reports and California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (“CDIAC) Yearly Fiscal Status Reports, delinquent special tax monitoring and follow-up, and parcel change, subdivision, and development research.

Ms. Wright also has experience in the preparation of Fiscal Impact Reports (“FIRs”) and AB 1600 Nexus Studies, as well as the administration of Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (“EIFDs”) and the New Markets Tax Credit (“NMTC”) program.

More recently, Ms. Wright is actively leading the firm’s efforts across the State of Florida and is working closely with senior staff on the expansion and administration of Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) programs within several states.

In her role as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer (“COO”), Ms. Wright is responsible for the daily operation and efficiency of the firm and, as such, spearheads the development, communication, marketing, and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes, while also collaborating with other members of the senior management team to ensure the day-to-day operations mirror the adopted mission and core values of the organization.

Ms. Wright received her B.S. in health science from California State University, Fullerton and is an active member of the ULI, the BIA of Southern California, the California Special Districts Association, the Florida Special Districts Association, the Florida City and County Management Association, PACENation, and Women in Public Finance.

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