Leni Zarate

Vice President

Leni Zarate, a Vice President, has an extensive background in special district formation and administration. She has created, formed, and administered special districts that include Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (“EIFDs”), CFDs, Benefit Assessment/Infrastructure Districts, County/Community Service Areas, LLDs, Mello-Roos Bond Pool Districts, and ADs. Ms. Zarate has also supervised the annual enrollment of hundreds of special districts that include more than 800,000 parcels annually, formed more than 200 financing districts, and assisted in the bond sale of approximately $520 million in local infrastructure and public safety improvements that promote economic development.

Prior to joining DTA, Ms. Zarate served as the Special Districts Manager at Riverside County. She managed all aspects of the formation and administration of 72 CSAs (approximately 450,000 parcels) and 19 CFDs (approximately 150,000 parcels), including the preparation of Engineer’s Reports, CFD Reports, RMAs, prepayment calculations, and Disclosure Reports pursuant to prescribed guidelines. Ms. Zarate also oversaw all aspects of the formation of County EIFDs, such as determining the applicable schedule, meeting the statutory deadlines of all tasks, developing Resolutions of Intention, and preparing mailings and Infrastructure Financing Plans (“IFPs”). In addition, she conducted each Public Finance Authority (“PFA”) meeting and filed all required documents with the State Board of Equalization.

Ms. Zarate has outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with public and private investors, key public leaders, community decision makers, various organizations, cities, counties, and other government agencies. She has served as a consultant for a variety of public municipalities, including the Riverside County Executive Office, Transportation Department, Office of Economic Development, and Flood Control and Water Conservation District, City of El Monte, Castaic Water District, City of Santa Ana, City of Riverside, County of San Diego, and Pinal County (AZ). Notably, Ms. Zarate has completed numerous training programs provided by PSMJ Resources, Inc., including those for A/E/C Project Management, Financial Management, Compensation Strategies, Leadership, and Best Management Practices.

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