City of Buenaventura

DTA currently serves as the Assessment Engineer for the City’s Maintenance Assessment Districts (“MADs”). Most recently, DTA assisted with the proposed formation of MAD No. 23 in March 2015 and is assisting with the formation of MAD No. 25. DTA aided in the formation of MAD Nos. 22 and 24 in December 2014, MAD No. 21 in summer 2014, and MAD No. 21 in 2011. In addition, DTA recently prepared and submitted updated Engineers’ Reports to amend the prior reports for MAD Nos. 17 and 18 to better document their assessment methodologies and conform to Proposition 218’s strict benefit requirements. As the Assessment Engineer, DTA prepares the Engineer’s Report and assessment diagram, identifies the improvements to be maintained and assists the City in determining the costs to maintain such improvements, and develops the assessment methodology. The City’s ADs fund the maintenance for a neighborhood park, street lights, street landscaping, and a storm water system for a new development project.