City of Palo Alto

DTA completed a Citywide Development Impact Fee (“DIF”) update as part of a comprehensive review of fiscal strategies. DTA worked with over a half-dozen City Departments to develop a “fair share” method of apportioning all costs in this unique and largely built-out community. The purpose of the updated study was to recommend appropriate fee justification methodologies and fee levels based on a legally supportable analysis of Citywide impact fees required for new residential and non-residential development within the City. DTA reviewed the City’s impact fees levels against eight peer communities and ultimately created two entirely new fees – Public Safety (fire, police, etc.) and General Government Facilities. The required impact fee levels were documented in a written report prepared pursuant to California Government Code 66000 (AB 1600). DTA further assisted with cost estimating, demographic research, presentations before the City Council, and the benchmarking of current and proposed fees against those of peer communities.