Kauai, Hawaii


DTA served as the Special Tax Consultant for the County in the formation of CFD No. 2008‑1 (Kukui‘ula Development Project). At buildout, the CFD is expected to encompass approximately 1,500 residential units subject to the CFD special tax. The CFD is expected to fund certain roadway system improvements and recreational improvements.

CFD No. 2008-1 issued $11,875,000 in special tax bonds in May 2012. In our role as Special Tax Consultant, we prepared overlapping debt tables, value-to-lien analyses, and debt service coverage tables. We also assisted the financing team with the review of bond documents, including the official statements.

DTA is currently under contract with the County to provide ongoing annual administration CFD consulting services. Each year, DTA researches and monitors all parcel change and lot sale activity. DTA also enrolls the special taxes, reports delinquencies, and answers all property owner inquiries.